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For beginners and advanced CFD and Forex traders who oftendon't have time to spend hours recognizing signals or studying indicators, can save time and streamline your decisions with these paid products.


  1. applicable in every market (can be freely selected for indices, forex, stocks, commodities, precious metals)

  2. best time to open a position precisely defined by signal arrows (green = BUY / red = SELL)

  3. Signal source freely selectable: via smartphone or directly in the trading platform (METATRADER 4)

  4. optimal take profit & STOP loss can be shown/hidden via ON/OFF function

  5. NEW: Busted Pattern Strategy (Win even though the market is going in the opposite direction!!!)

  6. Software constantly searches for profitable trading positions (Wolfe Wave Theory)

  7. Can be used at any time level (freely selectable from 1 minute to 1 month)

  8. extremely high hit rate!!! (69.8% = evaluation from over 10,000 samples)

  9. not a simple trading course with an unnecessary amount of bla-bla, but real added value through high-quality signals

  10. guaranteed no arrows or patterns drawn in afterwards! All patterns appear in real time!

  11. best suited for binary options

  12. Ideally suited for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co

  13. Can be used for any type of candle (Candlesticks, Heikin Ashi, Bars, Renko etc.)

  14. Exact info videos for installation & use are included

  15. Color scheme of the triangles & signal arrows individually adjustable (applicable on any background)

  16. no fully automatic trading robot (stakes and position opening are always determined by the user)

  17. Metatrader products are guaranteed to work on Windows. We cannot guarantee that our product will work on your Mac or Linux system (please refer to Metatrader guidelines).


  1. Most profitable trading system on the entire market 

  2. Hit rate at 95% !!! (verifiably!!!)

  3.  Chart pattern very easy to recognize!

  4.   numerous entry opportunities every day

  5.  applicable to all markets: stocks, commodities, forex, indices

  6. EXTREME profits very often possible!!! Become a professional trader from 0 to 100!

  7.  PDF file with over 50 samples

  8.  Conclusion: - priceless knowledge! - nowhere higher profits possible!


  1. Learn a reliable trading strategy that will bring you daily profits

  2. suitable for beginners without any previous knowledge and also for experienced traders

  3. Thanks to special entry times, profits are possible after just 30 seconds

  4. only extremely low trading capital is required for implementation

  5. 100% serious profit strategy, developed from over 20 years of trading experience

  6. average win rate of Ø 89.7% !!!

  7. no additional software that is subject to a fee is required or any other hidden costs

  8. BONUS: proven trading hours of the most lucrative market moves

  9. friendly and competent customer support as a constant point of contact


  1. NEW: available for the MT4 and MT5 !!!

  2. uncomplicated and easy to use

  3. Exact display of profit & loss (incl. spread fees)

  4. Open trades directly in the MASTER CALCULATOR

  5. applicable to all markets (forex, indices, commodities, stocks, cryptocurrencies)

  6. applicable for all timeframesM1 | M5 | M15 | M30 | H1 | H4 | D1 | W1 | MN

  7. Pending orders possible (only open if the price is at ..,.....)

  8. including lifetime license !!! lifelong activation for your MetaTrader ID


  1. Highly intelligent ALGORITHM makes traders' hearts beat faster

  2. 1% profit per day

  3. DANGER:
    † traditional trading methods are DEAD †

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