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CFD trading is the supreme discipline for day traders & scalpers 

There are different types of CFD and Forex traders, differentiated by their trading strategies, risk appetite and trading goals. Here are some common trader types:

  1. day trader:Day traders open and close their positions within one trading day. They use short-term price movements to make small profits. Day traders tend to be active and continuously monitor the markets.

  2. Swing Trader:Swing traders hold positions for long periods of time, typically several days to weeks. They try to profit from larger price movements and use technical analysis and chart patterns to make their decisions.

  3. Position trader:Position traders hold positions for longer periods of time, often weeks to months. They base their decisions on long-term trends, fundamental analysis, and economic events.

  4. scalpers: Scalpers are very short-term traders who try to profit from small price movements. They open and close positions within seconds or minutes and often use high leverage.

  5. Technical traders:Technical traders mainly use technical analysis to make trading decisions. They analyze charts, indicators, and other technical tools to identify trends, patterns, and reversal points.

  6. Fundamental traders:Fundamental traders base their decisions on economic data, company news, and other fundamental factors. They analyze economic fundamentals to determine whether a financial instrument is undervalued or overvalued.

  7. Discretionary traders:Discretionary traders make their decisions based on their individual assessment and interpretation of the market situation. They often combine different trading approaches and use their experience and intuition to make trading decisions.

It is important to note that these types of traders are not strictly separate, and many traders can mix and match different approaches or be flexible depending on market conditions. A successful trader often finds their own individual approach and develops a trading strategy that suits their personality and trading style.

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